The Great Awakening

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nice research on the history of light painting by LPWA

"Painting with light as a process was born together with photography. More precisely - photography was originally images drawn by sunlight! The very name of the first imprinted images attests to this - they were called "heliography" that is literally "painted the sun." The author of these heliographs was Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (France), and the first heliograph in the world was made on a plate of lead with pewter fusion in 1826." 

CLICK FOR PART ONE of the full report thanks to LPWA.


The Gamelatron project

Another brother Taylor Kauffner aka ZEMI aka The Gamelatron orchestra created a dynamic project of a 170+ piece orchestra of custom made Gamelan instruments played by little robots with magnetic mallets. A MUST see and hear in person. Online experience does no justice to the dynamic audible experience in person.

Mi.Mu Glove for Music. Imogen Heap's state-of-the-art wearable tech lets you control sounds with your hands.

The Opportunity: Forging a path into the future of Music

The time has arrived!  We are making the first Mi.Mu gloves available to people who want to work with us to shift the paradigm of how music is made and performed.  This Kickstarter campaign has been designed to take us from where we are now, having created a self-funded, elaborate, and wildly successful gestural music system with and for Imogen Heap, to finalizing a design that can be open-sourced, allowing everyone access to the power of glove."